New Bounty for Week #7


I think we made a mistake… what are we going to do with an entire bushel of apples?!

Besides juggle, I mean 🙂

Week #7 - juggling

Anyone got some suggestions? Please?


3 thoughts on “New Bounty for Week #7

    • 1. I want one, but don’t have one yet. My usual work around involves a low heat oven, cooling racks on top of baking pans and a very warm apartment for the day
      2. See this is the downside to living in an urban area – the odds of my knowing someone with a cider press are lower. Because that would be amazing.
      3. Mmmmm, applesauce. You mean, like this one? 😀
      I so want to learn canning… it just never seems to bubble up to the top of the priority queue

      Pie? Adam’s Momma’s apple cobbler? So many options

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