First video recipe

So video recipes don’t usually work with my brain too well – the whole going back and rereading a section from 2 minutes ago ’cause  I no longer remember/trust I know what it said? Much harder with video – either you go back too far and have to watch the stuff you actually remember or don’t go back far enough. Oh well, this one was worth it 🙂

I do need to keep fiddling with it though, I’m not happy without at least some sort of ratio of water:sugar for the simple syrup.

Oh, and buy a citrus reamer. I think that’s what they’re called? One of these things. Ya leave too much juice in the lemons trying to squeeze by hand. Trust me, I learned the hard way.

Darn Good Lemonade

Original from Food52
Makes… well, how many lemons are you using?
Recipes left to try (& copy…): 29; Other: 4 recipes left

  • Turbinado sugar (tried brown sugar – was okay – use turbinado
  • Lemons
  • Water
  1. Over a bowl, rub the sugar over and into the lemons. This transfers lemon zest/oil into the sugar.
  2. Roll the lemons against a board, back and forth a couple times, to loosen up the pulp and juice inside.
  3. Slice the lemons in half. Then, using a reamer or juicer, extract the lemon juice, into your planned serving pitcher.
  4. Pour hot water (almost boiling) water into the sugar and stir until sugar dissolves, creating a simple syrup. Pour syrup into pitcher with lemon juice and stir to mix thoroughly. Serve over ice, crushed if possible.

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