Truth in Titles

Honestly, when most recipes have ‘simple’ in the title, my response is usually ‘uh-huh‘ (read that in a skeptical tone of voice). But 2 ingredients plus one optional ingredient, 30 minutes on the stove (with no attention from me), 5 minutes prep, and 5 minutes of work after the stove time? Yeah, that qualifies as simple.

Ginger Syrup

What is that? Well that is Ginger Syrup. I am not entirely sure what one does with Ginger Syrup. Yet. The plan currently is to use some in my next attempt at Winter Berry Pie (attempt #1, attempt #3) – Adam and I had another slice relatively recently and think the filling might just be the berries in a syrup and then baked. So, this is will be part of the next trial. Even if I did buy strawberries instead of blueberries for it this week.

Suggestions on use from the original source include adding it to club soda, using is as syrup on pancakes or waffles, and in mixed drinks. If you like soda, mixed drinks, and/or bread-like breakfast meals, I can totally see mincing some extra ginger while prepping dinner, getting it simmering, and then just leaving it while you make dinner. Assuming putting dinner together takes about 30 minutes, pull it off right before eating dinner and pour the syrup into a jar after dishes are cleaned up. Fairly simple and fits around doing other things.

Simple Ginger Syrup

Originally from Cooking for Geeks

Recipe Count – 14 left
Section Count – Black Binder: 8 more left, Subsection – Pantry staples: 2 more

  • 2.5 cups / 570 g water
  • 6 oz / 65 g raw ginger, minced or finely chopped
  • Optional: vanilla bean, split lengthwise

Combine the water, ginger & vanilla in a pot. Bring to a boil then simmer on low heat for 30 minutes. Allow to cool and then strain the mix through a fine sieve into a jar or bottle. Discard the chopped ginger.


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