Lunches and the search for them

So last week my (brain? stomach?) body finally revolted at the thought of another almond-butter sandwich. Nausea and fatigue at every attempt to take another bite, even at 4:30pm while my stomach was growling and there was half a sandwich left. Time to figure out a new solution to this lunch thing. I see three options:
1) deli meat sandwiches
2) dinner leftovers
3) make something on the weekend, stick it in the freezer and pull individual portions for lunch

Deli meat is expensive. Let’s consider this one back-up.

Using dinner leftovers means we have fewer leftovers for dinner. And since I do menu planning on Saturdays before we go to the grocery store, if we run out of dinner leftovers, there’s no plan for dinner mid-week or something. Adam can improvise, but the lack of a plan makes me antsy. Not too good an idea to plan around.

Which leaves weekend cooking. And in that vein – tried out a casserole this week: Cauliflower Chicken Sausage casserole.

Unfortunately, this one was not filling enough – maybe if there was a carbohydrate or twice the sausage. Works as a light lunch I suppose- I just don’t eat light lunches apparently. Not that fond of cauliflower either.

On wards then.


4 thoughts on “Lunches and the search for them

  1. Veggie sandwiches? I had cucumber, cream cheese & dill yesterday–a great spring lunch. What about a mexi-roll—jalapeño cream cheese, ham, lettuce and cilantro on your choice of wrap/flour tortilla?

    • Veggie sandwiches aren’t filling enough for me – need some protein (lots of protein?) at breakfast, lunch and dinner. Snack time on the other hand….
      I’ll have to try out a modified mexi-roll. Dad would be rather upset about the ham and well, I’m not a fan of ham either.

  2. I’ve been enjoying my pseudo-paleo mush for lunches lately. Which doesn’t sound appetizing, I know, but are super tasty!

    I just take a little Rubbermaid and fill it with whatever is around, with the goal of having veggies, protein and fat in each one. So today, I had a little bit of deli meat, some black beans, guacamole, garlic, cilantro, chopped frozen spinach, sundried tomatoes, shredded cheese, and hot sauce. But my total ingredients list I draw from is much larger, including Greek yogurt, cream cheese, diced tomatoes, frozen chopped kale or broccoli, garbanzos, banana peppers, cut up hot dog franks, hard-boiled egg, etc.

    Super healthy, and you just pop it in the microwave at work and eat! Of course, my main thing is wanting hot meals all the time, and being paleo, sandwiches are not generally an option. 🙂

    • Kimberlee,
      Sounds like that would fit exactly with how Adam cooks and GREAT for using up random leftovers. Totally hear you about wanting hot meals all the time – food just tastes better warm!

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