On Thefts and the Loss of a Buffer

Adam here.

Laura and I have good news and bad news.

The good news is that we have lots and lots of ideas still left to blog about. Which is good because the blog is only two weeks old. There will be many a recipe and many a discussion of how Laura or I or the two of us made a thing. With as many awesome pictures as we can take and are not ashamed to show the Internet. We’re planning on posting regularly on Tuesdays and Thursdays. So, check in on those days to see what’s cookin’.

Now the bad news: Our little condo in NE DC got broken in to on Tuesday the 22nd while we were at work. Whoever the thieves are, they managed to steal Laura’s laptop, our camera, an Apple TV, and our BlueRay Player. In other words, the flippable electronics.

First: we’re fine. Thanks for asking. Second: we do not feel especially violated or afraid to be in our home. So for all those wonderful, lovely, kind people who keep asking – thank you for the sympathy. We’re fine. We have renters’ insurance (Thank you Traveler’s for being awesome.) and have already been able to replace most of the stuff that got taken.

How is this all relevant? Well, you see, we had followed some good blog advice and built a buffer of 8 posts and had photos for all of them for your enjoyment. Unfortunately, all the blogposts were on Laura’s computer as Word documents along with their associated photos and not backed up anywhere. Yes, she has learned her lesson. Thank you for asking. So, we shall carry on but if you miss us on one of our regularly scheduled Tuesdays or Thursdays now you know why.

TL;DR – stuff got stolen, we lost our buffer, we’ll try to keep up. Check in on Tuesdays and Thursdays for regularly scheduled posts.


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